Embedding Images in Tinkerer

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|..image:: 05072017adidas.jpg
|:scale: 30 %
|:align: center

The code above is in the rst file that I used to embed the adidas shoes in the last post. Ofcourse the file named 05072017adidas.jpg is in the same directory with the .rst file. Some of the posts and info I came across to do this when searching from google, directed me try various methods but none of them work. Above method is simply in the sphinx documentation and it is working as expected(contrary to info I found on googlegroups).

Hope this helps somebody with little to no knowledge about this things like me.

Agony of Walking to Work or Adidas Energy Cloud


I hope this post won’t look like an advertising(well does adidas need it anyway?)

I walk to my work, about 2 km distance, yes I am that few lucky persons that can do this in one of the major cities in Turkey. And I walk about half the distance of that to eat at lunch break. Also I walk in the office just to exercise and not to sit in the chair too much. So everyday I walk at least 5 km minimum, that puts lot of stress to my feet and shoes. (Thanks to our managers there is no strict dress code to comply)

Recently I bought these adidas energy cloud shoes they have some technology called cloudfoam which feels like my feet on bed when I’m walking and sitting, which very nice, I do not use them for running so I cannot comment on that but as daily usage I’m very much happy with them. They were 200 TRY ~ 55 USD around the time I bought it.

First Post!

This will be my first post of python/tinkerer based blog. tinkerer seems good for blogging on python. Hope I won’t reset this too.